Bacon Vodka?!!?

12 03 2008

Bacon VodkaThis is something I have wanted to try for some time now!  I have read about it and even seen it on a few drink menus.  What is it???  Bacon Vodka!

So Here is the plan… Start by cooking about 8 – 10 Strips of bacon.  When it is lightly cooked, drain the fat then place the cooked bacon in a mason jar.  Next, add a small amount of cracked black pepper and cover with potato vodka.  Now for the hard part, you have to wait 30 days for the bacon to infuse its flavor into the vodka.

I haven’t decided yet if i am going to try to distill this once it is infused.  It might be fun to try.  Oh well in, in one month, we will see the results.




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