Pappadeaux – A touch of New Orleans

3 03 2008

The best way to describe the décor of Pappadeaux is, New Orleans. They have festive colors of the famous New Orleans Mardis Gras hanging all around. Once you step into Pappadeaux, you feel as if you have left Chicago and enter a New Orleans restaurant.

The low lights and music in the background makes you feel like you are truly somewhere else.

Pappadeaux seems to be one of the cleanest restaurants I’ve visited. Sometimes you can enter a place and may see a spill here or there, or dust on the windows, but not here. I have actually seen a spill take place and the team moves so quickly and efficiently to get the area clean and dry before an accident.

Once a party has left, the waiters are on top of getting the tables cleaned down and set up for the next waiting guest. Most restaurants use a damp rag and smear the grease all over the table. At Pappadeaux, waiters’ come with a spray bottle to disinfects the table and clean it off.

I’m not sure of the bathroom design. Sorry to say I really didn’t pay close attention to it. I do know it was pretty clean when I went in.

The food there is unbelievable. If you like a little Cajun mixed with a well balance of spices and seafood, this is the place to go. Pappadeaux specializes in Cajun style seafood. Anywhere from gumbo to jambalaya to fried alligator, it’s all worth it! No matter what you decide to order, the flavors of the food do compliment each other.

Now if you are not a big seafood person, they do have other items on the menu such as, chicken, steaks, and salads. Those items are just as good due to the Cajun spices they add to them. My favorite food there is the fried alligator with an order of fried soft shell crabs. Even though I have seafood allergies, I like to live a little dangerous every now and then.

Service there isn’t bad at all. I haven’t seen a host or a waiter unprofessionally handle a disgruntle customer. I’m always served with a smile. Pappadeaux has a pretty long waiting period (especially if you don’t make reservations). Even though people get a little aggravated with the staff, because their table isn’t ready or waiting period is to long, the staff still smiles, refers the bar area to the customers and maintains and professional attitude.

For all who drives, there is a big lot for parking. Sorry but they do not offer valet parking.

So to sum it up, when ever I want a great Cajun experiment or to escape Chicago life, or just live life on the dangerous end, I go to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

921 Pasquinelli Drive

Westmont, Il 60559


Sunday thru Thursday 11:00 am –10:00 pm

Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 11:00 pm




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