Mathew Matouk

5 11 2009

coming to school here was one of the best times of my life.  as hard as it was, I am still glad to be apart of this program.  The classes that provided me with the most amount of skills one, contemporary cuisine and finely cafe.  The least? probably Garm. two.  What gave me the sense of satisfaction and pride was the fact that I found a great job, I kind of went throw a though program and that the hard work I put into everything i’ve done.  What changed about my experience at school is that I now know a whole lot better!, I am a lot smarter about what i’m doing and just about the restaurant industry in general.


Sam Montague

5 11 2009

The class that provided me the most was definitely being in the back of the house in cafe, as well as contemporary cuisine, international cuisine, and meat fab. Being in cafe was my favorite (back and front of the house.) The back of the house provided me with a hint of what it’ll be like in a real kitchen and the chef was probably my favorite. Contemporary cuisine was helpful with sharpening up all my presentation skills and a more in-depth look in the true art of culinary. International cuisine had me seeing and tasting things I’d never known of and that will help me in the long run. Meat fab was of course important because otherwise it seems I would have had to been a butcher to learn all of that information. One of the classes that helped me the least was Regional cuisine because of florribean.

A few senses of accomplishments was having the chefs tell me from time to time that my dish was really good or one of the best that day. Having that come from a real chef in a big city and me coming from sort of nowhere land, it felt pretty good for some reason. Or doing things I never thought I’d excel at then turning out to be good at them, and that has given me confidence. 

Something I would have changed is not messing up like I did in the middle of my schooling. I wish I would have been a better student; going to school everyday, being punctual. I cost my dad an extra ten grand by doing this soo yeah. If I would have not done this I would be graduation on November 15th. A lot people said they give me props for not just giving up like other people, but I came to Chicago for only one reason.

Terry Beard

5 11 2009

Meat fab was one of my most important classes here at chic. The different way’s to cut meat, pork, beef, chicken and fish. The least I would have to say speech. In someway’s I can see how the class will help me in the future, but I just don’t like speeching in front of a group of  people. The one thing I guess that has given me satisfaction is that I can really say that I’ve learnd alot attending chic. This matter’s to me because my future is culinary and I’m here to stay. What would I change at school more kitchen classes or longer kitchen classes than gen ed.

Brad K

5 11 2009

I think the “management” classes such as Cost Control, Hospitality Supervision, and Menu Planing, were the most valiuable.  skills 1 was the worst class as we learned very little and were plagued with students that would not make the cut and used up valuable instructor time.  I believe I have earned the approval of all the instructors and chefs, this is very important to me as it shows that I can make it in this industry and even rise to the top.  I wish that the office staff could be more informative and more truthful to incoming students as most promises and assurances were not as accurate as they should have been.

MeNaShI yEa!!!!!

5 11 2009

     Their are two classes that i think are really helpful in this school, ONe of them is meat fab, even though we dont have this class anymore but it was worth learning the ways to butcher meat and prepare and hold the meat. My other fav class was wine and bev, just because that class started me in trying new wines and pairing them with my dishes. It also helped that we were drinking by noon.

   The class that i thought was the least helpful was grande manager, no one really uses these methods anymore. I mean people use it but its only used in hotels. Now the new class that they have banquets is a good idea.

    The fact that im still here and still trying to work as hard as i can to finish this degree. I never really finished anything other than highschool, and being tested by working full time and coming here full time gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I would have changed the fact that i was tyold i would get kicked out of  this school so much. It was like a weekly things and i always gave everyone respect and never talked back, so i thought that was kinda messed up.

thug life mike

5 11 2009

the best classes were cost control wine and beve and skills 2 o ya i cant forget meat fab

the worst was college sucess


this is the first thing i ever did by my self and i did it well probibly not to the best of my ability but i  have always been a bit of a slacker i’m working on that.

the admin sucks thay are no help and never have any anwsers. its always let me get back to you on that isn’t there training for that job


Meisha Ashmon

4 09 2009

After taking this class my perception of wine has changed for the better because i didnt really know anything about wine before the class. It wasn’t a topic that ever came to mind. Not only have i learned how wine is made, i’ve learned where different wines come from, what wines go with what foods to bring out the flavors. I also learned how wine came about or the tale of how it came about. of the wines tasted in class, i really enjoyed the nv brachetto d’acqui marenco. i liked this one the best because it was the sweetest, and i love sweets. Even though it didnt have that much alcohol in it, i still liked it. i also enjoyed the 08 dr. loosen riesling morsel. Wine i liked least was the 06 Francis Ford Coppola “directors cut” Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander valley. It was very high in tannin. I dont like the tast of tannin at all. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.